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This route proposes to go to meet the works, as in a museum, but in the open air. An original way to perceive the city and then capture the inspiration it can cause. It is also and above all the opportunity to discover the achievements of these new internationally renowned talents for the most part, these artists who have managed to give a more modern and unprecedented sense to the city.

Although many are exhibiting in galleries all over the world today, they all started on the streets and participated in the emancipation of a well-identified urban culture, which operates thanks to constant exchanges with the population of a territory.

The planned itineraries will allow everyone to get to know each other, according to his rhythm and desires with these gigantic frescoes and why not with unknown places of the city.

The choice of this artistic form is in time. Indeed, since the 1980s the frescoes of Jacques Salvignol or Antonio Segui take place in the city center. It is then in 2004 with the six editions of Art Urbain realized on certain facades of buildings destroyed of the district of Transition that one finds it, proving once again that the art can also be ephemeral and participative.

We are convinced that by making visible the dynamics of “urban art course” by giving the possibility to artists in relation to the inhabitants to express their feelings, that Boulogne-sur-Mer will strengthen its own identity and will manage to proclaim itself as one of the cities that is developing and that does not miss the great opportunity to innovate in the field of the arts and more particularly in the Street Art / Street Art. One of the main objectives of this approach is to “discover the city differently”, to offer the opportunity to take a fresh look at Boulogne-sur-Mer. That’s why the artists were invited to submit their vision of things, to highlight some peculiarities of our city. A new circulation is therefore proposed for all Boulonnais, to the rhythm of works that give the city another light.

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