These artists (ECB, Fintan Magee, Lonac, Evoca, Kobra, Alaniz, Case_Maclaim, Nikodem, 4letterts, Mundinguer, Jarus, Shadow, Dourone, David Walker, Flag, Florian Lajouanique, Marie Lou Peeren, Gaawouel, Bruno Ghys et Jean louis Dress, Nathan, Florence Sgard, Céline Caux et Oriane Gosset), some of whom are among the greatest names in Street Arts, have been commissioned to express their creativity and offer a comparison between their world and that of the town.


The intention of this circuit is to take spectators on a discovery of the works, as if in a museum but here in the open air. A unique way of looking at the town and seizing the inspiration it might stimulate. Above all, it is also an opportunity to discover the achievements of these new talents – of international renown for the most part – of these artists who have succeeded in giving a more modern and original meaning to the town.


With its 2,000 years of history, the town of Boulogne-sur-Mer constantly gives thought to its heritage while continuing to develop the “Town of Art and History” concept. Rethinking, reflecting on our city’s visual identity is essential if we are to create a strong image, but that alone will not suffice: today’s challenge consists in developing more widely the positive dimension of the imagination, around an urban centre as a place of art and history. It also consists in creating the opportunity for passing visitors, new incomers and Boulogne-born residents alike to follow an urban art circuit.

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